Walking My Path of Faith

On the 1st of September 2020, I resigned from what many would term a comfortable job with lots of benefits to pursue my music passion. A lot of people have said to me I am an inspiration, others have point blank said I must be crazy, I cannot leave a secure job for music. Many have asked did you just wake up and decide you are now going to sing music? I thought I might as well share my journey on my blog so that you all can understand my thinking process throughout this journey.

How did I get here?

I grew up being the good girl, trying by all mean to follow everything to the T as I was told, I went to university, completed my course in record time, started my working career, and followed the formulae as it was handed to me by society. But it just got to a point where things were not working out for me as per my expectations. I was then asking myself, what is going on? I am doing everything as per what society is telling me, yet I am not happy! Why? This led me to look for answers, I started looking for coaches. I got a transformational life coach (Boniswa Dladla) to help understand how I was causing the reality I was facing, and what I needed to do to create the reality that I wanted in my life. I got a vocal coach (Jean-Michel Masson) to teach me how to use my vocal instrument.  I got a guitar coach (Lauren Whittaker) to teach me how to play the guitar and receive music inspiration from the source. Three of the songs in the Ep I received the melody during these guitar sessions. With all this help that I went looking for, it still took me two years of meditation, asking, pleading and negotiating with God on what my terms would be for me trust him enough to follow his plan for my life as opposed to my family’s plan for my life or society’s plan for my life. So NO, I did not just wake up and decided to quit my job. I have had to face my fears. I have had to learn to meditate daily, so that I can discern the voice of God. I have had to slowly but surely begin to believe God’s voice over my life as opposed to society’s voice. I have had to walk my path of faith.

The question is though, can you get to this point in your life too? Absolutely yes! God has a plan for each and every one of us, which is unique to who we are. The question though is, are you willing to face your fears and walk your path of faith?